Discover your next vacation without needing a destination!

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Confusing user experience. The "Discover" section needs to have its own colored button.
@dj_jeffman thanks for your comments, Jeff. We are going to be making some changes to the homepage to make the Discover feature easier to find. Other than that, we hope you enjoyed using the product :)
Tried it. 0 results out of DAY. Also would be ideal to not specify dates or "anytime in May for 5-10 days".
@kevinace Sorry to hear that, Kevin. I've just done a quick search from DAY and managed to return a few results, but I agree it's not a lot! We are in the process of expanding our reach in the U.S. so with time we will show more and more destinations through our Discover tool. At the moment the UK and Europe is our key market for Discover, but the U.S. market is also very important to us so we will be focusing on that in the future.
This is THE travel site for spontaneous millennials. We all love a vacation, especially if we can get a great deal, but all too often we lack inspiration on where we can go. Imagine searching for a trip without having to enter a destination. Imagine simply entering your departure airport and travel dates and being shown hundreds of beautiful destinations from all around the world. This is what JetHop is about. Note; I might have a slightly biased opinion as I launched this product ;)
@robigyorky Seems like you do need to enter a destination, as it won't let you search for a trip without entering a destination airport. So I'm a little confused as to what this website actually does. Edit: I have found the discover mode, you guys should definitely fix the UI, because I would have never been able to find the discover mode if I wasn't actually looking for it. Or change the landing page from the 'Flight Search Mode' to the 'Discover Mode'
@jamaha3 Hey Jamal, thanks for your feedback! We are looking to make some changes to the home page to make the "Discover" functionality a bit easier to find :)
2 things: 1) Like other people have said, make the "Discover" button stand out more, and more clear as to what it does. Like, "Don't have a specific destination in mind? Try Discover." 2) Make a way to do the same search, except with one way flights. What if I don't want to come back? :)
@ninjinka thanks Thomas. Our thinking behind the return flights for Discover was a) keeping the search form as small as possible and b) if people are looking for a spontaneous trip away, they're likely to be coming back too :) But we may be able to squeeze the one way/return toggle in there somewhere ;)
Looks like I cant Discover anything goingfrom my airport 😟
@kloseline Sorry to hear that Daniel! Just out of curiosity, which airport are you looking to depart from?
@robigyorky Okayama, Japan. Theres flights going from there a few times a day :)
@kloseline you're right, it looks like we don't have a lot of results from there using the Discover tool. I managed to find one to London for 7th to 10th June though :). If you are searching for specific flights using our Flight Search tool we return hundreds of options though :)