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#3 Product of the DayJuly 21, 2015

Jet is a one-stop-shopping experience for all of your favorite essentials. Get more discounts for every additional item you add to your cart.

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For anyone looking to try out our GC portfolio company jet, use this code at check-out for free 1-year membership! >> GC0721G
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@badboyboyce As an early adopter and beta tester who only got a 6 month free membership it's actually a little disappointing to see free 12 month memberships given out here. With no way for me to apply that to my existing account. But enough complaining, so far Jet has been pretty great and I wish it the best. I think it's going to do really well and this is much needed competition in the space.
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@goeric @badboyboyce gotta agree -- although I ended up qualifying for the 1-year membership, cheapens the deal a bit :/
@badboyboyce Thanks for sharing the code Peter!
@badboyboyce Are there any plans for the service to be available for people with International credit cards?
Hi all. Been using this service since the start of beta. I am a recent suburb (with 2 kids) transplant in a house outside NYC. For my use case, it's a perfect fit. In my mind, Jet replaces Costco/BJ's at comparable prices for household items, and consistently beats Amazon on them. If you don't need immediate delivery. If you don't want to go to a Wal-Mart/Costco. If you don't need to return things like toilet paper. If you have room to keep 50 rolls of paper towels...these are all good reasons to use I don't know about you, but I don't ever want to go to a box store ever again, and clearly Lore, being at Amazon, recognized a use case not being fulfilled. My wife went to Costco once and texted me from the line about how much it sucked. We just don't have time for it. Now all that being said, I don't know how this scales. Some of those orders came with receipts from the local retailers that fulfilled them. That's their model. Here is an example illustrating that: I bought an item for $5 that was $7 on Amazon. The receipt was from Staples...with their S&H, that price was over $11. Someone paid this. It wasn't me. I have saved $173 on 5 orders so far, which was nearly all household items, though I even bought drumsticks for $1 less than Amazon as well. I can attest to that savings, as I compared every item to Amazon when shopping. I can't say about Costco or Wal-Mart, because I hope never to have to go to those to see. However, in the long run, I don't know how this beats Amazon. As long as Amazon sticks with a tech strategy around internet-enabled things and drone delivery and so on, household appliances will know when these things are needed (eventually). I actually really liked the "I need more Tide" button that Amazon introduced, and most people thought it was a prank (is it? I don't know. I'd use that for sure). Brands should love it too...the only way brands can save themselves in this new shopping world is by being right there at the point of need... One thing is certain: Trips to the store to wait in line will die, and maybe so will all the strip malls and traffic hell around them...eventually. I suppose some people enjoy those experiences. This newly-minted suburban dad does not, and someone has to buy cat litter and toilet paper. This isn't a Brooklyn apartment any more. All I care about is price for this kinda stuff.
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@pocius Well, that's why they have a membership fee, they are hoping that will end up covering the cost of the savings. I agree, not sure if it scales, but it will be interesting to watch. Over time, they can supplement with new types of paid offerings.
@rrhoover Happy Thanksgiving. Was browsing these posts and love your comment "Rumors were true!". I just founded a new business with an colleague, we where the 1st and 2nd product managers @ Jet. We've love your feedback on it -
The venture from the founder of just launched publicly after a long beta period and countdown. Anyone can now sign-up on the site. They're also apparently trying to raise at a $3billion valuation. The site wasn't supposed to launch until today at 6am EST, but it seems to be live slightly early.
@_jacksmith i registered and am browsing around... i have no clue what to buy. amazon knows me way too well and recommends surprisingly well now that I'm experiencing jet.
@taylorhou to be honest, I actually had a similar issue. I haven't bought anything from their site, as their prices weren't crazy cheaper than Amazon and I didn't really know what sort of things I should be buying from them. their sales targets are ambitious to say the least "Lore says that Jet’s model works when it sells $20 billion in products per year, which it hopes to do by 2020". It will be very interesting to see how things pan out.
@_jacksmith When I got on a couple weeks ago, I saved over $15 on my $35 purchase (I bought a bunch of snack food). When I went to check Amazon's prices on the same items, it turns out I saved over $30. Even though their model is crazy, I really hope it works out for them 'cause that was awesome.
@jeremymaluf interesting. someone needs to build a chrome extension (probably already exists) that lets you compare prices on Jet when you're shopping for products on
@_jacksmith definitely. an immediate product suggestion is price comparisons to the major competitors (ie: amazon and the retailer) - maybe then I would always check jet if I knew what I was going to buy. I happen to be in the market for furniture and I noticed that most of their sectionals are directly from but with o's standard 10-15% coupons... on a $2k purchase, Jet's $45 in savings is no where even close. we're not even including the 3% extra I get from coming from (which jet seems to be mimicking in some fashion with their "jetcash" concept) no matter... they have the warchest of cash. until 2020!
I can't use this because I'm not in the US, but can I just say how much I love the design? Wow.
@ow I'm with you, the design is beautiful. The ad was hilarious. Interesting idea I wonder if they'll expand.
@ow definitely agree with you on design. I'm Canadian so can't use it. Really curious about it though
@ow Agreed. Are there any plans to bring it to other countries?