Designed for every driver, Jerrycan tracks your car actual fuel consumption, MPG and mileage. The application becomes your personal coach that helps you improve fuel-efficient driving, cut fuel expenses and reduce the impact on the ecology.

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Hey Product Hunters, Nice to meet you all! We’ve been working on Jerrycan the last 2 years and finally our application is shipped. Starting from today the application is available on the App Store. Jerrycan was designed for drivers by drivers. The app tracks your car actual fuel consumption and encourages you to burn less fuel, thus reduce your car emissions. We believe that it's possible to reduce fuel waste by letting people know how much fuel their car actually consumes and show a real impact on the ecology. Since there’s a strong link between driving behaviour and fuel consumption, Jerry will become your personal coach helping you improve your fuel efficiency, save on fuel bills and reduce carbon footprint. The last one matters greatly! Jerrycan is available on the App Store. More information you can find on our website: We put all our passion and ambition to change the world into this app, which we really hope you will love as strong as we love. Looking forward to your feedback! Pavlo Grozian, Co-founder of Jerrycan
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A beautiful fuel, MPG and mileage tracker, that reduces your fuel expenses and improves your eco-driving skills. I've been betatesting this and it's a joy to use. Very well done, this app.
@t55 hey Ton, thank you for hunting our Jerrycan.
Really nice design. Any plans for an Android port at all?
@zaccoffman thanks, Zac! The original plan was to see if people like iOS app. But now, we definitely have a plan for an Android one.
@ru1iak Awesome, glad to hear that
Very beautiful idea, great ux! Amazing app!
Congrats! You've created a really good app for people who care about environment and world around us. Keep doing a great job.
@luckymascots thanks Irene.