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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 09, 2020
Jepto helps marketing agencies to manage their client portfolio through automation and data intelligence
• Google Analytics predictive forecasts and anomaly detection
• Marketing Automation jobs
• Google Ad spend tracking with rollover and spend prediction
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Hey Hunters, Agency life can be a punish and so after leaving an Agency I wanted to follow my passion for Software, Automation and Data to build something that could make the life of a Marketer easier, thus Jepto was born.
The App looks great, well done. Are the Machine Learning algorithms that you use developed by your team?
@elliot_anderson1 Thanks and a great question. No they are not, we researched a range of Algorithms in our testing and decided that the best option would be to take advantage of the Data Science community and utilise open source algorithms. They have the resources and community around them to improve over time. For the KPI predictions we are leveraging the Facebook Prophet algorithm, which has great accuracy and is considered the current standard for this type of real time prediction (You can select any Google Analytics metric and we will run the algorithm utilising 3 years of your own historical data to give you a live preview of the prediction) For our Anomaly Detection feature we are utilising Twitter's Seasonal Hybrid ESD algorithm. We also did a lot of research in this space and found that there was not one size fits all algorithm because different use cases will want different anomaly thresholds. So to overcome this we have exposed all of the inputs to the algorithm so you as the user can adjust the sensitivity as you seen fit. To make this understandable (as the algorithm hyperparameters can be confusing) the preview is also in real time and shows you how many anomalies would have been detected in your last 3 months of Google Analytics data so you can find the right fit for you. We are also working on adding influencing metrics to KPIs, so you can nominate a metric that affects your KPI metric to achieve a higher level of accuracy.
Our TLD domain is not valid when I'm trying to sign up.
@matsabrahamsen Thanks for flagging this. I will get our Dev team onto it straight away. You can use any domain to sign up and then edit it once the account is created.
@matsabrahamsen Just wanted to let you know that we have deployed an update to the validation on the domain for signup and you should be fine to create an account now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
It is marketing tool for assisting me in my business and it sufit my marketing
@louis_meadors2 Thats right Louis. We us the term Marketing Automation and although it's normally used to described how contacts go through journeys and email/sms communication, we mean it in the sense that we are applying automation to the types of tasks that you need to do in order to run your marketing campaigns.