The classy name generator

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LOL my first one was: "Diouf" Think I'll name my firstborn that (girl or boy)
@bentossell I hold no responsibility for this πŸ˜‰
This is fun, I've got Haidara :D :D It actually sounds to me like some princess name :D I think I'll use it as a child name generator, you can definitely find some cool ideas :D Nice work :)
@marija_zarkova thanks Marija! Definitely a good use for it :)
Jenkenson is a name generator that gives you classy name ideas for products, clothing lines or whatever you want to name really :) It's apart of my 8 products in 8 weeks challenge, which you can read more about here Let me know what you think!
I love the names coming from this generator. Nice job!
@angeliqueangiea thanks Angie! 😁
I got.... "Cheek". No, I'm not joking. :D
@grooveplex it can be a bit cheeky like that πŸ˜‰