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Hey Product Hunt! So I've been building something in secret for a really long time - about two years! I'm an IT analyst by trade but I wanted to do something that helps people in need and uses my skills to help change lives. I'm really excited to finally share our app with you given that it's just been approved by the big A and G. JellyChip has evolved from Pocket Rice, an app I created doing my mba. Pocket Rice took inspiration from the FreeRice project and has helped feed more than 10,000 children across Uganda and Nigeria. We want to build JellyChip even bigger and think this is just the beginning. The more users we get, the more lives we can change. Say hello to JellyChip! Would love to hear your feedback :) Thanks!
@jellychip This seems interesting, and I definitely want to hear more, but I have no idea what this does.