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A search engine for busy people.

#5 Product of the DayDecember 09, 2016
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On the day Google announces that devs can now build for the Google Assistant, Jelly goes inverted meta and launches its search engine on the platform. Yo dawg, I put a search engine inside your search assistant. Get jelly wit it!
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A woman asking how to prepare dinner, another one asking about men dating preferences and a man asking about car stuffs? Seriously? I'm sure there are tons of smarter ontological opportunities for a Q&A platform like Jelly. Knowledge-oriented startups have a very special responsibility in that regard imho.
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@wilhempujar Wouldn't be Silicon Valley if these were not the questions asked. Unfortunately.
Loving that landing page @alexbanaga 💪
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@benln Thank you bratha! 👊🏼
Love that trigger: OK Google, ask Jelly...
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Hey Folks, we didn't really launch this yet. It will launch when Google announces. Coming soon!