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#2 Product of the DayApril 28, 2016
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Waiting for my answer now... The tagline doesn't really seem right. This feels more like you ask a question and then you wait to get an answer sometime in the future. If I am super busy I kind of want an answer right away. As of now I have no way of knowing how long it will take to get a response. Do I come back in a 30 seconds? a day? a week? If this is meant to help busy people vs. googling and looking for an answer shouldn't the answer be immediate (like a google results?).
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@iamjeffreyg the same question I was going to ask. nice point.
@iamjeffreyg Exactly, Yahoo Answer could be faster than this :p
@iamjeffreyg This is exactly what I first thought.
@iamjeffreyg Give it a shot before you knock it. I get answers within about 15 minutes. I'll ask and then move on to something else.
I recently got access to the beta and asked for a product recommendation. The answer was surprisingly thorough and helpful. Congrats on the relaunch, @biz and team! You announced that Jelly was coming back earlier this year. I see the potential in a social search engine, but why will it work this time? What's different with Jelly 2.0 or are there new consumer behaviors you've discovered? P.S. Here's the original Jelly post on Product Hunt a few years ago, before we had threaded comments. #throwbackthursday
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@rrhoover @biz I'm interested in whether non-direct social search would be better. I had access to the beta but I never wanted to answer questions - or I put them to one side to 'answer later' - which I didn't get around to. What about asking a question and receiving curated responses of others from different social channels. Pair that with direct Q&A's too. e.g. 'Looking for a [specific] product recommendation from IKEA' - X people bought that item and said A,B,C. Ryan and Biz answered and said D and E, respectively. With that input you could make an informed decision.
@rrhoover There's a lot that's different, we built Jelly 2 from scratch. Jelly is now a search engine. Your questions are anonymous and they are routed to people who know the answerโ€”not your friends.
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@bentossell @rrhoover We plan to add re-use of very helpful answers. We do see duplicate questions and we already have a fantastic answer so it makes sense. We only have five engineers so we need to grow so we can build all the stuff we want.
@biz @rrhoover a company here in cardiff are doing interesting things with data around questions like this :)
#ProductHuntReview: @Biz @Finkel, been waiting for Jelly for sometime now. As someone who loves breathing room on a website, I am finding that scrolling through questions gets a little daunting. How is Jelly different from Quora besides being able to ask anonymous questions? Looking forward to seeing more and experiencing getting my questions answered on Jelly.
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@sethlouey @biz Thanks! There are lots of differences... overall, our product is all about short, lightweight, every day answers with no friction. Quora is a great product, though positioned very differently with amazing, long, interesting content... almost like Medium.
@finkel I do enjoy the simplicity and lack of friction. Well done and looking forward to seeing Jelly grow. @biz
@finkel @sethlouey @biz i see it that way : if ( Medium = Quora ) then {Twitter = Jelly} , right ? poke @chrismessina
Jelly... I've been checking it out and I feel like Dori using it... ๐Ÿ˜‰
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Hey @biz and @ben, our app Getmii lets users with a need or question immediately broadcast (either as themselves or anonymously) to everyone nearby. We've been mostly in Asia, but launched 3 weeks ago in Boston and have well over 10,000 ppl on the app actively helping each other. My point being that our users don't often need the "best" answer from the "top expert" - most of the time they just need an answer that's quick, relevant, and good enough. For the 3% of time they do need the best, Jelly is a sweet solution - would be cool to chat