Trade commission-free stocks, ETFs and options.

Jellifin now lets you trade stocks, ETFs, and options (and index options), commission-free.

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Why would I switch from using Robinhood?
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@ejameswill we hope to give you more than what you're already getting. We plan to roll out margin trading and stock shorting with no monthly subscription. Advanced options trading using multi-legs. And free access to the pre and post-market trading with a subscription. We hope you will consider us then if these features are appealing to you :)
@ejameswill I switched because Robinhood does not allow trading options in a cash account. In my opinion, if you actively trade options with less than 25k you need jellifin.
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@gaireast Same here And also the 1 click buy/sell.
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Great product with tons of potential. I'm fully transitioning from Robinhood, now that jellifin supports stocks I'll be selling and re-entering my positions from Robinhood to jellifin


Easy to use, great for actively trading options, great customer service


Option premiums don't update as fast as with expensive brokers

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Hey @andre_norman, What is your favorite aspect of this app that you built?
Hey @jacqvon, great question. I enjoyed working with the team to build our 1-click buy/sell ordering system. Our customers inspired this feature. You can set trading presets such as the number of shares to buy, time in force of the order, etc. Once those presets are in place, Jellifin automatically pre-fills your order when you are ready to buy or sell. We've made it so simple that you can go from idea to trade in a matter of seconds.
Looks like an interesting product. Why would this tool be useful for a first time investor?
@craigcorbett87 thanks for the question. Jellifin was founded on the idea that investing should be simple and affordable, without any compromises. So as a first-time investor, you can get up and running with Jellifin in a matter of minutes. Customers of ours love our user-friendly design and how dead simple it is to place a trade. Our goal at Jellifin is to provide investors with the tools and resources needed to make smart investing decisions. One of those tools we plan to release shortly is Jellifin Triggers. Jellifin Triggers lets you remove the guesswork out of trading. You can use them to set alerts or explicit trade instructions for when to enter or close your trade. This is just one of many tools we plan to release. All in the effort to promote a simple and affordable investing. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can answer for you :)
Great job Andre & the Jellifin team!