Update your GitHub-hosted Jekyll blog from your browser

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@kehers Cool! I don't know how to add it to the related products. The difference is jekyll-post-via-web is self-hosted and just a hack. On the other hand, Tinypress is an actual product, looks much more feature rich and it's definitely a better option for someone looking for a complete solution to manage a GitHub hosted blog.
@kehers This looks interesting. I can't wait to check this out.
I created this to easily update my GitHub-hosted linkblog and so far, it works like a charm. I've written a long post about how this works here
I used to use to do this, but now I just write the article locally, and push it using the Git CLI. @vrypan Can I use this to edit HTML, or only markup?
@msitver As it is now, it creates .markdown files. But it is easy to add support for HTML files, I'll do it in a future update. (Keep in mind, you can write HTML code in markdown files.)
@vrypan @msitver I didn't realize you could. Thanks.
@vrypan @msitver I didn't realize you could. Thanks.