An elegant markdown blog generator using Jekyll

Jekyll-Markdown is a fancy markdown blog generator using jekyll. All your blog posts are edited in pure MarkDown and the blog is responsive on any device.

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I think that it's really useful if you want to make a quick blog writing posts with Markdown. If you won't to host your website for free, you can use GitHub Pages and it will automatically render your Jekyll source code! The blog supports social links using simple icons, Latex and ASCII math functions, links and lists and code snippets!
@lukalafayedemicheaux I'm confused. Why wouldn't I use the official Jekyll repository: ?
@chrissavoie Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator that you use to render the markdown template I created. So basically, you can create a quick elegant blog with my template writing markdown that is "compiled" into html using Jekyll
Looks like a clean implementation of a Jekyll site. What are the advantages over core Jekyll though i.e. how will it make my life easier?
@sensiblewood If you like the theme and want to make a quick simple 100% Markdown blog, this project is what you need. You can edit the website in posts (markdown) and in
Great job!!😊 Can we export it directly to WordPress?
@ayush_chandra I have never used WordPress before. I don't think that you can export the website to WordPress easily. However, as you installed WordPress on a web server, you can easily add another Jekyll blog. I can help you with that, reply with the webserver you used (https://yourbusiness.azcentral.c...)

You should give it a try


Simple and elegant


Fix some bugs on mobile