A health journal app for making data-driven health decisions

Track categories that are relevant for your health. Mark health influences. Filter tracked data to get insights & make data-driven health decisions.
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Hi everyone! I'm an Android Developer and I built this app as I wanted to detect and avoid behaviors that have a bad influence on my health. The app is freshly released. It's built with data privacy in mind. No server, no login, no ads. Crash and usage analytics can be turned off in Settings. To get access to premium features, with a free 2-month premium trial (no payment method required), just click a "Try for free" button inside the app when Premium is offered. Try it out and let me know if you have any feature requests. Dark Theme is 🚀 soon! Cheers, Josip
How does this compare to similar apps which have been around for a while? Like Daylio?
@alex_furman the biggest difference is that it has no ads & the way user can analyse tracked data. While similar apps often focus on statistics, jDay focuses on filtering tracked data for Insights. The idea here is that by filtering the data one can easily find the exact info they need to make a decision. Two things that I'd like to implement in future: - Planner (for creating healthy habits) and - 3rd party integrations (e.g Google Fit, weather, smart scales, sleep trackers...) to make automatic tracking possible.
@josipzemberi Really cool! Is part of the use case to share reports/data from the app with your doctor/clinician/therapist?
@alex_furman not at the moment but I can see this becoming part of the use case in future if there is enough user demand for it. Exporting filtered data to something like .pdf or .xlsx to get an expert opinion would be a nice feature :)