JazzHands by IFTTT

A keyframe-based animation framework

Pretty neat, although 'by IFTTT', a multiple set of people worked on this, not only at IFTTT
Thanks for posting this, @milan! We released this library over two years ago, so it's funny (but great) to see it here today. I'd highly recommend checking out https://ifttt.github.io to see the rest of our open source projects. If you like Jazz Hands, you'll probably like Razzle Dazzle and Sparkle Motion, our animation frameworks for Swift and Android.
@devinfoley @milan you are welcome! And I love side projects ;)
Great to see this getting some attention. As soon as I saw the first IFTTT welcome tour using those smooth gesture-controlled animations, I was in awe. I used JazzHands for the welcome tour on @mashfeed -- Love the way it looks/feels and it's pretty simple to work with. Thanks for creating and sharing this. @ifttt
IFTTT has been coming out with so many new products lately. I feel like I see something new from them on Product Hunt at least once a week. Is there a broader strategy at play by @IFTTT? @adammash
@lipmanb @ifttt @adammash This isn't really a product or a business move; it's an open-source animation framework (for developers) :P
@tejasmanohar @lipmanb @ifttt @adammash yeah but releasing side projects and getting attention with a specific niche maker group, you can imagine that's an indirect business strategy ;) Look at the side project Teleport.org or buffer.com releases.