Jaywalk for Android

Earn money for walking, now on Android🚶‍♀️

Jaywalk is a new app that lets you earn discounts in your neighborhood just for walking or running. We built it because walking is the easiest way to stay healthy and walking for a coffee, sandwich, or even a drink is a great goal. This is the second version of the app and we're proud to share the Android version with ProductHunt.

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Hey, guys, we just launched Jaywalk for Android. We'd love feedback!
Hi @johnbiggs , how long do the Jaycoins last in order to use them (aka TTL) for a purchase?
@ruedigernarr Right now they expire every 24 hours but we're considering removing the time limit. What do you think?
@johnbiggs Discounts are on nearby physical spaces or online websites too ?
@johnbiggs @ruedigernarr how about 32h? Or premium 7 days, or half is lost after 7 days. I wouldn't drop the time limit because there is less motivation to continue to push more.

The data you want from users for personalized marketing is so valuable you can even give them an incentive for taking part - called miles. It's basically Foursquare wrapped in a health product and constant geo-tracking. No, thanks.


Geniously and nicely wrapped business model


Geotargeting at it's best, constant geo tracking in reward for personalized advertising and an incentive which takes me to your b2b partners

John- really cool idea. Also very PR friendly. You should get Techcrunch to cover this :-)