A web app to make plans in a group or collaborate easily

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Thank you @neerajt4 for hunting our JayPads. One of the makers here. We think our JayPads are a simple solution to help with planning in a group or managing a small project. It works well for setting up: - your next side project (separate relevant data from your ever-growing discussion channels - looking at Slack) - a weekend trip (setting a date, a destination, housing etc. - looking at WhatsApp group chats) - a Kid’s birthday party - Bachelor's party - etc. We are currently tweaking the UI and especially the first impression of a JayPad (we are thinking about a guided "tour" or a more detailed dialogue). If you have any feedback or ideas on how to improve our product or who to target with this tool - we'd be really grateful. If you are interested you can find a more detailed take on our concept here: https://hackernoon.com/how-plann... and here: https://medium.com/@TalkAboutJac...
@hankewickhorst All the best! :)
@neerajt4 Thanks mate! :-)
https://jaypad.de/dhmxvuxgzswcjhcl I thought about moving the discussion about JayPad onto a JayPad :P
@alex_brommer cool idea. I'll be there all day :-)
Great stuff! Will definitely try it out for the next group event. What's the name of the blue dog?
@tobipfaff the little fella is named "Jay". Pretty good boy :-) Thanks for giving us a go mate!
Looks great! Like a tiny mix of Slack and Doodle. I will try for the next party or trip.
@markussudhoff Thank you for giving us a go! :-) Yes, we thought about naming JayPads the babyboy of Slack and Doodle. :-)
Planning a bachelors party right now - gonna use it. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I'd recommend tuning your onboarding, though
@alex_brommer Cool. Have a great party. This is actually pretty close to the initial case which led us to build this tool. The full story can be found here: https://hackernoon.com/how-plann...