Youtube to mp3 converter, simple, fast & ad-free

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PHers love a Youtube converter :)
@bentossell I certainly do! I threw a Guns N Roses youtube playlist on my TV the other day (playing via Nvidia Shield, so no ad blocker) and literally at the start of every song I had an ad... not only was the volume way higher than the music I was playing, but it was the same damn ad every single time! A 15 minute video pre-roll that I had to go and find the remote to skip every time. I tell you, if I was ever considering changing my loyalty from Makers Mark to Wild Turkey, I certainly won't be now, no matter how many times Matthew McConaughey tells me to.
For people who don't know what YouTube converters are... convert to what? I feel like the word download YouTube videos or something like that needs to be on there
Hi Joris, looks cool! What is the Kbps output?
@glennvdplaat 320 kbps for HD vids. Mostly 192kbps
@jorisvds why is 320 not supported?
@glennvdplaat it is. I meant 192 for non HQ vids
@jorisvds would be cool if you can see the kbps before downloading, I hate 256 and lower...
@glennvdplaat thanks for the advice will look at it asap
Nice idea Joris - how do you plan on making money thought?
@boris_gefter Not, made it just for fun, donations are always welcome ofcourse ;)
How's this different than the other converters (youtube-mp3, clipconverter,etc ...) ?