Twitter on Apple Watch

Jay is a Twitter app for Apple Watch. It lets you view your timeline, like, tweet, search for users and tweets, view images, gifs and videos – straight from your Apple Watch.

Just sign-in on your iPhone and you're ready to go.

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@amrlth Think I might finally pick up an Apple watch now
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@amrlth @aaronoleary Honestly, Apple Watch is way more awesome than I expected. If not for Twitter, then for exercising and not missing phone calls 😆
@neriusv how do you tweet from the app? I can only find a way to reply to tweets but not tweet in general.
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@amrith You need to use Force Touch (press hard on the screen) in the main (Timeline) screen. It will bring-up a menu with options to "Tweet", "Show Latest" or "More"
Hi! I'm very excited to show Jay to Product Hunt! Jay brings Twitter to the Apple Watch. I'm still working on some of the features (like "Trending Now"), but it has most of the functionality you'd expect from a Twitter client. I've put a lot of effort to make it as smooth, responsive and usable on the tiny Apple Watch screen. You can even zoom into images using the Digital Crown 🧐! It's free (at least for now), and users can show their support by giving voluntary tips (as in-app purchases). Hope you'll find Jay interesting and useful. Can't wait to hear what you think!
Oh god why. The last place I want to see twitter is on my wrist. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.