Fast, reliable, no-bullshark MySQL as a service

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Hi all! John from JawsDB here. We've been on Heroku as an add-on for the past few years, and customers have been asking for the service to be available elsewhere for a while now. We decided it was time so we worked with Manifold and now everyone can have the convenience of one-click databases on any app host. Let me know if you have any questions, hope you like it!
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@johnpwillman You had me at "no-bullshark" :)
@staringispolite It's hard for us not to get swallowed up in the deep ocean of shark puns 🦈
@johnpwillman Have you considered turning off minification on your site, to use the most possible MEGABITES?
This is a really cool database-as-a-service. It’s basically a few clicks to create a MySQL database out of thin air, which is great for developers who don’t really want to deal with a whole lot of setup or management. They were exclusively a Heroku add-on for a few years but now you can use them with any platform.
I've been using JawsDB with heroku for a few weeks now. Awesome service. Glad to see its expanding.
I use it in combination with Heroku and it is really fast and reliable. Thumbs up 👍. Nice to see that I will be able to use it with other Non-Heroku Websites in the future as well.