Javelin Browser

A browser that gets mobile right.

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Dev here! Happy to take any questions :)
Well done. What's the inspiration for creating a new browser?
@JasonLBaptiste Thanks! Javelin actually started as a "porn" browser! See: http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/... I have a side-project (http://getgom.com) that is a VPN in a Chrome Extension. And I wanted to extend it to the mobile. And so I decided to build a browser for that.
Onboarding is a bit rough. There are so many powerful features with Javelin, why not have the home page have a 'learn more' that cuts to the cheat sheet? Also, why do you think you'll succeed where Rockmelt and others have failed? People don't seem to be willing to pay directly for browsers. Finally, is deeplinking there / in the roadmap? I couldn't tell offhand.
@nubela Been using it for 6 months now. I love the multitasking bubble thing (background link loading in your words) on the android version and the text only is good for team sheets before footy games. Only thing is that when lots of people are using their phones in one place, it would be awesome if you could get that text only before the full web page loads.