Javascript Constable

Stop data skimming w/ network activity change detection 🕵️

Javascript Constable non-stop crawls your site and immediately alerts you to suspicious, unknown XHR, script, and other network activity changes for investigation and remediation.
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Hey! So we created Javascript Constable to look for network activity changes to monitored pages. Why? Because Magecart and other threats are repeatedly attacking and skimming data from ecommerce sites. Our product is designed to find and alert suspicious network activity. I'd love to get your feedback!
What's also pretty cool is while we're crawling your site looking for new, suspicious network activity, we can also run Google Lighthouse reports on every page of your site. This way, we will alert you to any network activity changes AND any major metrics changes in Lighthouse audits on any particular page.
Besides doing network resource comparisons and lighthouse audits, we also perform 3 other types of change analysis on each and every monitored page: HTML, visual, and extracted text comparisons to the previous captured version. While Javascript Constable ensures that it's only changes in the network activity that trigger a new alert, we supplement these alerts with these additional comparisons. Why? So that we can provide greater insight into how that new network activity manifests in the DOM.