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Started my Javascript journey on Code School and highly recommend - Gregg and team are doing a great job.
The team at Code School has been working on JavaScript.com for a while now and we are super excited to share it! We wanted to build a resource designed to help new developers get started with JavaScript as well as keep advanced developers up to date with JavaScript news, frameworks, and libraries. It is now and will always be free. The site is has a collection of learning resources as well as daily curated news post submitted by the community. Our CEO, Gregg Pollack, wrote a blog post talking more about the specifics here: https://www.codeschool.com/blog/...
Is there going to be more added @coreyrab? I went over the 'course' within ~10 mins.
@bhavesh Hey Bhavesh! This is our first iteration of JavaScript.com, and the future functionality will be decided by the JS community. We are beginning to take suggestions for future features here: suggestions@javascript.com.
The design of this is fantastic @coreyrab. Absolutely love the color scheme and graphic design. I hope this gets people more interested in coding. Congrats on the launch!
@gaberoeloffs Thanks Gabe! That's all Justin Mezzell and the Code School design team – they're incredible. He posted a couple more shots over on dribble https://dribbble.com/justinmezzell