A flexible and powerful issue reader for GitHub

You will be able to read, track and discover many active issues very flexibly by using Jasper in GitHub. It is enabled by a powerful function called "stream" of Jasper.

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When people use GitHub in their job or OSS activities, they tend to receive many notifications on a daily basis. As a way to subscribe to the notifications, GitHub provides email and web notifications. I used these for a couple of years, but I faced the following problems: - It's easy to overlook issues where I was mentioned, I commented, or I am watching. - I put some issues in a corner of my head to check later, but I sometimes forget about them. - To not forget issues, I keep many tabs open in my browser. - It's hard to check all issues that are related to me. - It's hard to grasp all of my team's activity. I was spending a lot of time and energy trying to prevent those problems, so I decided to make an issue reader for GitHub to solve these problems efficiently, and started developing Jasper.
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