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Hey everyone! This is something @TheTylerHayes and I have been thinking about doing for some time now. Our "mission" is to make our normal conversations accessible to everyone who can't be there with us. We both have a lot of passion and enthusiasm for the way to world works, and our conversations feel like a race through wide variety of topics, usually related to the way technology is changing our behavior. Notes: - The editing is low quality. It will improve as we get better equipment and develop more process and best practices. - We avoid best practices around podcast quality (lot's of 'ummmms' and 'uhhhhs' and some snacking on chips) Any feedback is appreciated!
@jasonhitchcock You can also follow along the livestream (!) while we record on Saturdays on both Perisciope and Meerkat, usually around 11 AM PT: http://periscope.tv/jasonhitchcock http://meerkatapp.co/jasonhitchcock It's typically 2-3 hours before editing, and we have a cocktail post-show hour where we pick a new drink every week. Join us! (for the podcast or just the drink)
I'm Tyler Hayes, and this is my favorite podcast on the Citadel.
Woohoo! Just added to My Podcast Playlist for the weekend at the gym. So, when is @donaldtrump making a guest appearance on the show, @thetylerhayes @jasonhitchcock?
@rrhoover Achievement Unlocked: gym playlist. Having Trump on would be yooooooge but I think our belts might be too rigid for his tastes.
@rrhoover The door is always open for trump, as long as he shares it on his Twitter account, and refers to us a "Very great people. The best. Jason and Tyler are the BEST"