Messenger bot to remind you to get stuff done.

#1 Product of the DayMay 15, 2016
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Always wanted something like this. Since these days we spend more time on social networks it better to have a reminders there :)
What am I missing? Can we not already do this more easily with Google now or Siri
@shalabh_ Personally, I never use Siri because I don't like talking to my phone. I'm also almost always on Messenger, so I'm sure to get these reminders.
Good work! Is it possible to add weekly reminders and if not, will you add it in the future?
@angeliqueangiea Thanks Angie! Recurring reminders are definitely on our roadmap. It's kind of tricky to figure out though, since we don't want to potentially spam the user so we also need a way for the user to turn them off, for example. If you want, I'll let you know when the feature is launched (hopefully by tomorrow)!
The name inspired by Tony Stark's original VA, that's awesome, however, it increased my expectations from your version of Jarvis. I'll give it a try, nice work, though!