Diary & Mood Tracker! Put your precious memories in a jar!

Jarme is a unique, colourful and Cross-platform diary/journal app. It's currently available on Android, iOS, Web, Desktop (Mac & Linux for now, windows on the way).
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Look awesome!
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@adam_tony Thank you Adam!
basically great!
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@jackson_borynn Thanks a bunch :)
Ciao everyone, Firstly I will tell you guys a little about us. Me and @suborna00 are a couple from UK/Italy who were in a long distance relationship for more than 6 years. Now we know diary is not everyone's piece of cake but since we spent 6 years of our life barely seeing each other or seeing each other every once in a while, the time we spent together every time we met were tremendously precious, which is where the idea of creating a diary app first came from. So before we thought about building an app on our own we tried out a few diary apps such as: Diaro, Journey or Day book and although they contain a lot of features, none of them seemed eye catching, colourful or exciting to use! Which Is why we put a lot of effort into the design and UI to give !Jarme a more unique & elegant look while keeping it simple for users to use. BUT we also know features play an important role as well, so here is currently what Jarme offers (free & paid): * The basics to create a memory: Title, Description, Colours, Icons, Location, Favourite, Multiple Image upload, Date/time, Tags, Weather & Voice Record * Importing from Diaro (with more coming in the future) * Creating a Jar (Category) and adding family/friends to it so repetition of the same memory can be avoided and both can remember the same event. * Fingerprint * Reminder * Jarmuseum (Look back on past memories) * Multiple mood tracker per day with small notes & Statistics * Advanced search * Black & White theme * Exporting to JSON & PDF * Share a particular memory on social media platforms. Currently we are working very hard towards releasing the desktop version on Windows along with the import feature. Lastly, Jarme was made with lots of love and passion and it was solely developed by me and designed by wife @suborna00. Jarme was built as a side project while maintaining a full time job so it may contain few bugs here and there. Please be kind and let us know through email or comment here if something can be improved. Thank you all and have a good day!
Any plans to allow importing from Daylio?
Hey @ana_villarama we are working on supporting import from a number of platforms. Importing from diaro is already available, facebook is on the way. We try to distribute our focus equally on free and premium features. Daylio is a mood tracking app and on jarme mood tracker is a premium feature, so while we have plans to work on it, we will try to focus on making sure that our free (and paid of course) users are able to get their memories on jarme.