Your mobile app in 5 languages in 5 minutes.

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Market accessibility is a serious barrier to success that every mobile app faces the second it touches the marketplace. Jargon lowers language barriers so that any mobile app, built anywhere and by anyone can serve global demand and address an international audience. It offers a plug-n-play solution to user experience localization, and can literally convert and deliver any native app, in any language, within minutes.
We used Jargon at Secret and loved it. A+++
This is AMAZING. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Good work guys.
Hey everyone! Thanks for the love. My team and I have been hard after finding a solution to this nasty, NASTY problem for almost a year now. The basic premise is to get awesome apps into more markets around the world. We are passionate about helping teams: 1. Find product/market fit... by testing multiple markets simultaneously 2. Gain user traction... by addressing a wider mobile audience 3. Defend their app... by getting to viable markets quicker than the rest I challenge you all to consider the benefits of localization and an international launch. Please hit me with questions, concerns, and ideas! I'd love to address them all. Very best, AJC
This looks very interesting! We currently build native apps for ecommerce merchants in over 60 countries and translate our apps into 11 languages! We would love to offer this as a service to our merchants
@nameet And we would love to help you offer it! Let me know how I can help. aj@usejargon.com