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Jar is a creative request management tool that enables creatives to run more profitable businesses, with happier clients. Built through our team’s experience in managing hundreds of thousand design requests, Jar streamlines the production process so you can get back to the work that matters.

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Russ Perry
Russ PerryMakerHiring@russperry · Founder, Design Pickle
Hey everyone! I'm insanely excited to share a big/new project, Jar, a request management tool for any type of team. We created this tool to support the zillions of creators out there with a better way to manage inbound requests and files. A request could be from anyone. Whether you are an in-house creator, an agency or freelancer, we wanted to make something that was insanely easy to get setup and use without a lot of headache for everyone involved in the process. We decided to build Jar stemming from managing 100,000+ requests and 1,000,000+ emails with my other company. We wanted something that was better than a myriad of project management tools and file sharing tools that loosely work together – that is assuming people are even using them correctly. I hope the PH community can find value in our creation! Thank you for your support!
Taylor Pearson
Taylor Pearson@taylorpearsonme · Author, TaylorPearson.me
This looks awesome guys. Really love the Box integration.
Russ Perry
Russ PerryMakerHiring@russperry · Founder, Design Pickle
@taylorpearsonme Thanks Taylor! It was a bit of hurdle vs. AWS but it opens up a ton of opportunity for us to leverage the depth they've already built with the tool, not to mention marketing support in October at Boxworks!
Quinn Zeda
Quinn Zeda@nevernorth · Founder: Zeda Labs & Path Prober
Looks awesome @russperry We use Asana for tasks, but have some issues with file management. As a small team, it's not a huge issue, but when larger it does get confusing. Mostly naming the files and putting them in the right place (and remembering to upload). Will definitely be checking this out, although it would be nice to have transparent pricing.
Russ Perry
Russ PerryMakerHiring@russperry · Founder, Design Pickle
@nevernorth Hey Quinn! We just realized 24 hours ago we FORGOT pricing. Honestly, because we were so giddy about a free trial (which we can't really do at the pickle) we missed it. We'll be adding it today throughout the site near the CTA's to get started and on the app sign up page. I hear you on the file management side. We built all file management with Box which will open up a ton of functionality and most importantly dead simple sharing and preview. Even auto nomenclature is on our radar for file uploads :) Best of luck!
Jonathan Cottrell
Jonathan Cottrell@meisjc · I serve entrepreneurs, mostly in #yesphx
Looks fantastic, @russperry! Well done.
Russ Perry
Russ PerryMakerHiring@russperry · Founder, Design Pickle
@meisjc Thank you!
keyul@keyul · Maker of Quick Code & Bot Stash
Congrats on launch of Jar @russperry . Great product coming out of #yesPhx community.
Russ Perry
Russ PerryMakerHiring@russperry · Founder, Design Pickle
@keyul Thanks! It's been a long windy road to the first pure SaaS product from our team, but we're really excited and eager to help. #yesphx !