We crawl your site and check for errors and problems that could have been introduced by bugs, user-generated content, or server problems. We'll let you know about 500 errors, mixed content (HTTP and HTTPS) pre-warn you about SSL expirations, plus loads more.
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$10/mo for a hobby setup you should have a free tier for just 1 site or domain for testing first.
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@awful_citizen Thanks for the feedback. There is a free trial which gives you all features for a week for 3 websites.
@awful_citizen Hey, thought I'd let you know directly that the Hobby plan is now 100% free. No trial, just free. All features except webhooks (which probably wouldn't be needed by a hobbyist).
The service seems nice but too pricey IMHO
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@ange_du_soir We've halved prices of all plans :)
i like the idea, i suggest to come up with some introductory product, i.e. one feature from the package for free that would generate the traffic for your paid product. moreover, it was hard to understand that you get one week for free with any plan to try your product - you can maybe mention it on homepage ;-)
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I would recommend a free test and a free limited plan.
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Kudos @mikegriff Mixed Content checks - really useful feature. Agency use case is perfect - clients calling you up and saying "Hey! Site says not secure" "Hey! My domain expired" these are some small happy customer touch points an agency can add.
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