A Slack bot that helps businesses integrate AI

Janis is an AI assistant that helps you integrate AI direct to Facebook, or through bot builders like Manychat, or Chatfuel. Janis will help you train and monitor your AI, alert you of problems, and retain your customers on a path to automation.
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Josh Barkin
Co-founder @ Janis.ai
Hey everyone 👋and thanks for hunting Janis @debbiediscovers :) We've been building Janis to make it easier for businesses to integrate AI into their customer experiences. Integrating AI is a process and you need to retain your customers through that process. Janis makes it easier for teams to integate AI and manage the process by collaborating in Slack. So far Janis has been helping businesses manage AI on Facebook. We've connected Janis to Chatfuel and Manychat, two of the most popular bot making tools for Messenger. We have a developer toolkit as well, and we're planning to help businesses with AI management beyond Facebook soon. Happy to answer questions.
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Deborah Kay
Chatbot Evangelist, Discovery Enthusiast
Hello everyone! Super excited to hunt Janis.ai. I've known @joshbarkin and @mnatha for almost a year now - which is as long as I have been using Janis.ai. Janis.ai has completely transformed the way I use chatbots to interact and build relationships with my customers and my community. What Janis.ai offers offer: - Monitor and jump into chatbot conversations on mobile via Slack - Custom slack alerts (for keyword triggers, stalled conversations, negative sentiment) - Seamless human takeover - Ability to train your NLP within Slack - Ability to push custom blocks from Chatfuel / Manychat - Ability to set user attributes from your mobile via Slack - AI templates I use Janis.ai every day and I can't imagine anyone with a customer service/ customer facing chatbot not using Janis. @joshbarkin and @mnatha have also been fantastic in building a solid community of Janis users, as well as adding value with tutorials and AI templates. Hope you all enjoy using Janis.ai as much as I do!
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Arpit C
Helping folks become data-led
Janis gives chatbot superpowers without the need to code. Integrating NLP into a bot hasn't been easier. Cheers to the awesome team!
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Brian SwichkowStoryteller and Myth Maker

Without Janis, my business would not be possible.


Enables non-developers to train AI from Slack, hyper-responsive support, five minutes to setup and get training.


Out-of box, it only (fully) works with bots deployed on Messenger; AI-agents deployed on web-chat, slack apps, and SMS are coming later.

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The community around Janis.ai the facebook group is so generous at giving feedback and pointing me in the right dirrection when I'm stuck. that has been a real help!


The team at Janis.ai are so helpful and the product is so good.


I'm not a big fan of slack. I find it confusing to navigate and keep track of conversations.