Sophisticated speed interview ecosystem, humanizing hiring

We match companies and candidates for 2-sided video interviews. Interview remotely, in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee. Our ML-driven ecosystem includes dynamic auto-scheduling, dual-sided feedback, speed interviewing, anonymous matching, chat, more.
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Hi everyone! Hiring is broken, have you noticed? If you're an employer who has searched for candidates, or you've been a job seeker, you've probably experienced challenges or obstacles in the search. The state of hiring today: Employers are increasingly opting for impersonal, automated hiring tools like job boards, chatbots, recorded video interviews, which eliminate personal connection. As a result, candidates have a subpar hiring experience, which is ultimately is affecting companies' bottom lines. Janeous' mission is to fix this problem by "humanizing digital hiring." With our recruiting ecosystem, we blend HR tech with a human connection from the first moment you begin your job search. The application process is seamless; interviews are "live" via video, you apply to active jobs - no waiting weeks or months to find out if you get a call back. Our dual-sided feedback system means your input matters. Happy candidates mean happy hiring professionals. For employers, our eco-system will reduce hiring timelines, increase productivity, improve time-to-hire, boost your bottom line, and bring you an overall more streamlined and satisfying recruiting process. For complete product details, please visit our website: https://www.janeous.com Please reach out to us with any questions!