Jamstik Smart Guitars

Portable MIDI guitars for music production & instruction.

Jamstik is a brand of portable, app-connected (MIDI) guitars that have opened up musical possibilities for guitarists, producers, and learners alike.

The New Jamstik7 and Jamstik12 are purposefully built for our two audiences.

➣The JS7 is the new baseline model for learners & travelers.

➣The JS12 is the choice for guitarists & music producers.

Fin Delahanty
Ambesh Sharma
Kyle King
  • Pros: 

    Awesome, portable, convenient, ladies dig it, I can produce whole tracks on the go.


    needs a phone to pair with it for sound

    I'd totally recommend this product to anyone looking to learn how to play guitar or if you already know how and want to play on the go without having to bring your whole setup

    Fin Delahanty has used this product for one year.
Hi all! We are excited to share that we are nearing production status with our new JS7 & JS12 MIDI guitars to succeed our line of Jamstik+ Smart Guitar models. To bring us into the next stage with momentum, we've launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the launch. Plenty of R&D, user-feedback and re-design was put into upgrading our offerings while aligning these new entries more specifically to two audiences. For more more details on our new JS7 and JS12 MIDI Guitars, we hope you check out our Indiegogo campaign page at: https://igg.me/at/NewJamstiks/ which launched less than 24 hours ago - (click the outbound PH link above to igg.me). We love the thrill of crowdfunding and bringing people into the story of development and bringing a product to market. If you like what you see, please consider supporting us and jumping back here to upvote. It should be a fun campaign as we continue to share more details & see more backers involved in the discussion on final options, accessories etc. Thanks for joining us!
Great job!! 😊 Hope this could have come in 2009 or so !! Anyway good job
@ayush_chandra Thanks! We promise it will be worth the wait :)
Awesome work guys! All the best for your campaign! 🙌
@gierschv thanks Vincent!
Hey @nextgreatest & @meredithcannon, Do people generally use this as a practice tool?
Hi @jacqvon - That's a great question, and in terms of what people generally use our existing Jamstik+ for, the answer is split down the middle. About half use it to learn how to play via our interactive apps, the other half utilize it's MIDI capabilities for composition & music production. Both audiences find it an extremely convenient travel guitar to practice or create on the go. Having these two audiences, we've chosen to develop not one, but two new Jamstik models to achieve a better product-market fit. Those wanting to learn guitar or practice on the go will find what they need in the new Jamstik 7 model at a lower price point; while players looking for a high-performance & versatile MIDI guitar will find an incredible way to expand their creativity with the Jamstik 12.
Seems to be a nice tool to practice. While reading articles on https://musiety.com/musical-group/ or reading threads on the ultimate guitar forum for example. Maybe I'll even get one. Now I use jackson dinky minion to practise, the guitar is quite compact but having a small guitar which can be used as a midi controller is much better.