The Portable Smart Guitar

A versatile MIDI controller, the jamstik+ connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to your phone, tablet or computer so you can play guitar with any of the 100's of compatible MIDI apps available. It's built to the specifications of a real guitar; so learning and creating are transferable skills.

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Like many single guys in college, I tried picking up the acoustic guitar, only to give up a month later. Although the Jamstik+ may be less sexy than my wood-paneled, John Mayer-evoking instrument, it's super portable and the iPad/iPhone/Mac connected applications of this could be really useful. At $350 pre-order, I probably won't pick it up but would love to give it a try sometime. Drum Pants are much more affordable.
P.S. Credit goes to @johnbiggs for this hunt (see his writeup on TC).
@rrhoover Back in college, I had one of my buddies teach me how to play DMB Typical Situation just so I could bust it out if the right opportunity ever appeared. However, not having my own guitar meant that the right opportunity never really appeared. It would have been pretty bro-tastic though.
@kenromano I bet you could program the Jamstik+ to play it for you without anyone knowing. 😉
@rrhoover I dunno, if I were in college today I might be too busy Tindering the girls' dorms
@rrhoover @kenromano The nice thing about the jamstik+ is that it connects wirelessly via BLE, leaving your wifi or cellular connection free for tindering while you play. Strum up for a yes, down for a no. :) *Not an official announcement that the jamstik will support tinder.
Hey everyone, thanks for the comments and checking us out. Wanted to let you know that we've activated a Preorder special at $299.99 so Ryan can afford one. To comment on the uses, we really do have 2 successful markets; experienced guitarists and those that want to learn. We've brought the jamstik into many music education scenarios and teachers have been loving the response from kids. It's a product with a form factor they can handle, and the instant feedback of seeing where their fingers are on screen has taught more than a few kids their first chord in about a minute. Experienced guitarists enjoy mostly the portability and; as Ryan mentioned, the versatility of using it to record and create with any sound they like, with one of our apps, GarageBand, or any of a growing base of MIDI capable music apps. I should also clarify, this model has 5 frets, not 6, but we do incorporate a, "virtual capo" and octave transposition via d-pad controls. We'll have plenty of videos releasing to showcase realtime playing, and many should emerge from demos at #NAMM2015 going on right now. Let me know if any other questions come up!
Added to my All Things Guitar collection: http://www.producthunt.com/anuja...
I took a ten-year break from guitar and have recently gone back to lessons, Youtube videos, etc. and I can tell you it's about practice, not having an easier instrument to play. A good travel size guitar is $150 and has at least 12 frets. The Jamstik's 6 frets seems weird. I'm also disturbed that the video showed playing but the audio was an odd pop-mix. If it's a real guitar, let's hear it! If it's just about having an easy to use MIDI-input then I'm sure it's fine, but for the sake of guitarists everywhere, pick up a real guitar.
@shellen Agreed—this seems like a tool for guitarists who want more tricks up their sleeve than a way to learn guitar. I'd love to hear success stories from people that prove me wrong though.
@shellen The funny thing is, everything in the song can be played by the jamstik+. Here's a reference video showing how a full cover song was created in GarageBand, drums included: http://youtu.be/eG8ZJsdCrK0 I agree with you that it's definitely about practice and time spent. Our hope is that the versatility and novelty of being able to play any instrument, paired with the fact that it's compatible with the smartphones we are glued to these days, will keep beginners engaged and get them past the point of frustration many are prone to come across. We want nothing more than to introduce guitar to a new generation of kids, keep them interested, and watch them mention on stage someday playing their Les Paul, "the jamstik was my first guitar" :)
@rrhoover This is cool but, for $350, you could do what I did: Get a full-size NEW electric guitar starter kit by Fender ($239 on Amazon), including a combo amp, shoulder strap, picks, tuner, and all the cables you need, AND buy Rocksmith, the best guitar teaching game/tool I've tried ($65 on Amazon). And still have money left over to over a week's of Philz during your morning practice sessions.