JamieApp (UK only)

Meet one unique startup person every Friday for coffee ☕️

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Hi ProductHunters! I'm really excited to introduce you to JamieApp. Last year, I moved to London and wanted to find a way to meet more amazing people in the startup community. I decided to spend a few days knocking up a landing page and Jamie was up and running. Posted on multiple Facebook groups and Jamie was in business. Since then, the team has grown to three people and we continue to grow and make more meaningful matches. It’s such a great pleasure to hear people collaborate, introduce friends and work together. We’re really excited about the future and potential! Please feel free to reach out with any feedback or questions. Anything is helpful. Cheers, Julien
@juliensteel Love what you're doing Julien. Signed up and looking forward to my first coffee.
We need more serendipity and less ROI mentality in our lives. I signed up straight away for this, and it's probably the best thing I've done this year. Met some great people, had some great conversations and yeah, made some business connections I probably would never had uncovered if I had had an agenda prior to the meet. Weekly coffee meet-ups with random strangers? Sign up now
I've been a very happy user of Jamie for a while. Simple concept, but it works. So far, the quality of people I've met has been really quite good, quite a bit more diverse than I would typically through my social/professional circles. For those looking for it in their locations, Google might reveal similar networks. My friend runs one called Tea with Strangers that used to be SF only but is now in various cities around the world. And if you can't find an existing network, make one!
Have been a JamieApp user for a few weeks now. It's great (although I need to be better at carving out the space in my diary for it). The founder seems really nice, but I wonder how it will scale if they continue to hand-pick every meeting?
@neilcocker the idea is to keep it personal and hand curated to maintain quality for now. And use learnings to automate matches (in the future) using parameters like credibility, location, interest, linkedin connections etc.. Data will help!
This is great, love the idea! Thank you for sharing on here. I've just signed up :)