Jamie Fretello

Create and jam to backing tracks in Facebook Messenger

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Hi Tosh, thanks for hunting us. Jamie is a chatbot that allows musicians to jam to backing tracks. The bot sends you recommendations from different genres including pop, rock, blues and heavy metal but also allows you to create your own backing tracks that you can share with your friends. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
How do you create backing tracks, are they pre-recorded?
@__tosh In general, all backing tracks are created dynamically. We use pre-recorded audio building blocks and sound backs, but the tracks themselves are created on the fly based on the user input. Functional music follows very specific rules, which we formalized. With these rules, we can create tracks based on a data mining approach.
That's cool 😎
@nassaraf Thanks, we wanted to add value to the practice experience of musicians. So why not allowing the to create their own backing tracks? :-)
This Facebook Messenger app seems like a nice companion app to your main iOS and Android for learning to play the guitar (http://www.fretello.com). Are you considering to add more companion apps on Facebook Messenger? Or would it be even possible to port the app itself?
@__tosh Definitively. We are playing around with different ideas on how to add additional value to users. One of them is about linking the chatbot to our main app so we can push app content such as practice reminders to the Facebook messenger. Another idea involves gamification, where we plan to send users random backing tracks once a day and they have to find out which key signature they are in or what the chord progressions looks like. In combination with a leader board this would be a great way to make users interact with the bot and it helps them develop their sense of hearing. Also we want to give users the ability to make recordings of themselves, which they can share inside the messenger to create something like a mini Instagram for musicians.
@aayushxn Thanks for the feedback. Just let us know if you miss any kind of features or if you want us to add specific genres or sound packs :-)