A word search game that makes you think.

Jambles is a game that requires logical thinking and strategy, not like most word search games out there. There are leaderboards, so you can compare to others and you can play in several languages.

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entertaining and knowledgeable
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@duiker101 Works for me, what do you mean?
@seb_64 Clicking the Website link on the product page here links to https://bitwise.company/Jambles?... which gives 404 for me. the one I linked works.
@duiker101 Thanks for pointing out the error, it was the capital J
Hey Jambles! Great initiative! We should have a win-win partnership together! Sounds Without Borders and Jambles can be two great partners, we both play with words.
EUOI is not a word, but can get 18 points with it. Good fun.
@rmagrino if it was left out others will say the game does not recognize all words https://www.collinsdictionary.co...