JAM - Shake your sound

Music motion app. Make music by shaking your phone. 🎢

Jam is an innovative music maker designed as a music motion app, with which you will transform your device in a real instrument just shaking it. Alone or with your friends, jam the away.

See our video: https://vimeo.com/243632438

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2 Reviews5.0/5
This app will make you look crazy. Downloading now. 😊🎢
@rrhoover Thank you Ryan, we'll wait your feedback!
@rrhoover Thank you Ryan!!! Did you test it? :)
The number one app for causing screen replacements in 2018...I'm calling it now. Super fun though!!! :)
@rileyrichter Secretly we are in partnership with all major glass makers companies πŸ˜†
@marcinjak9 Β πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ I love it!! Strong work on the app, btw!
@rileyrichter Keep following, we are working on new sounds and features 😊 If you want please put a review on apple store ❀️
Thanks for hunting @pablosproject @marcinjak9, this sounds really cool - how exactly does the jamming through movement work? 🎡🎢
@marcinjak9 @abadesi @pablosproject This is dope. That video should've been included on this page. I was skeptical until I saw it. I could see people using this at parties, at work, all over socially. Great work!
Thank you @jeff_osborn , We have included the GIF version of the video and the links on the right because in the description they are not clickable. Check our commercial video:
Cool idea, but it's kind of hard to use :/
@daviswbaer We need feedback! What are the problems you found? Have you tried adjusting the sensibility with the bottom left button?
@pablosproject I did, but no matter what setting I tried it on, I couldn't produce a consistent beat :(
@daviswbaer you need to keep going e you will be better and better ;) Try to play with some friends and I assure you it's gonna be fun!!
@daviswbaer contact me at pablosproject@gmail.com and I can help you in detail. Thanks for the feedback