Jam Music

Listen to your favorite music and create featured Jams

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Hey there Product Hunt! We are happy to announce the Jam Music beta version πŸ™Œ Please check it out and give us feedback. We just released a new version. Jam Music lets you listen to your favorite music and create featured Jams with all of your friends, no matter where they are. Create a Live Jam of songs that you and your friends can enjoy, discover new artists and play the music you love. Jam Music Features: Jam with Your Friends - Simply add new songs to your Jam to play the music that you love. - Tap Start My Jam to start a Live Jam with your chosen songs, along with music recommended especially for you. - Join Live Jams created by your friends and other listeners, based on their own song selection. Find The Best Songs - Swipe through more than 40 million songs from some of the hottest pop artists to create your own Jam. - Browse through tons of customized categories like hit songs from the 2000’s, Current Hip Hop and more. Enjoy Jam Music in the U.S. for now, as we look to expand our unique social listening experience in the future.
Great idea! I just downloaded the app, looks really solid. What music license do you have?
@ehgemiller434 Licensing is via SoundExchange πŸ™Œ
Interesting. I was thinking of something like that for a while.
Awesome app, and lots of fun to use with friends!
Excited to see Jam Music beta up on Product Hunt. What a great, fun, product.
@barney_rubble congrats on the launch and the PH feature