Binge more. Pay less. With friends! 😍

Stop texting your friends for logins. Get access to services your friends pay for, instantly and securely.
Jam is a social password manager. It helps users find ways to save money, split costs, and stay secure.
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This maker comes from a very robust security background having helped build both identity verification (Cognito) and decentralized identity (Bloom). TLDR this is a common sense evolution of the behavior we all are doing anyway, just in a more safe/secure way. Lot's of neat futures in the works, exciting to follow this project as it unfolds. Congrats Jam team!
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Nice idea @jbackus3 . Congratulations on the launch. I have personally shared passwords few times with my family. Would like to definitely try it. Is it possible to send an invite?
@jbackus3 is brilliant! This is a beautiful, wicked fast and fun app solving a problem plaguing us all. Thanks πŸ™
@noor_s thanks Noor!
Great tool for share my account and save my money. Glad you build it!
@jbackus3 you probably already know that these services are probably gonna come after you and get you to shut this down πŸ˜… I'm genuinely curious what your plan is to prevent them from shutting Jam down πŸ€” I saw @joshconstine wrote about y'all earlier today too πŸ‘€
@amrith Jam is perfectly legal. Plenty of password managers let you share. Most of that sharing is just enterprise focused today. Plenty of websites also condone account sharing, and that is what Jam is for.
@jbackus3 So it's simply a password manager? And you just choose to mention entertainment brands and savings in your marketing materials as one possible use of the app?
@lilia_tovbin Yup, it's just a password manager that focuses on the sharing experience and is supposed to feel fun. It's not supposed to compete with 1password and the like, it's a different use case.
@jbackus3 Yup, got it. I use 1Password for household pw sharing but only because I already have a biz account and it's just an extra vault for personal use. Jam would have different type of access management I imagine... I think a group subscribing to split cost is a great marketing angle...
@lilia_tovbin Exactly :) You get it!