A social jukebox for your iPhone

Hey this is Otto from Jam! Jam is a music app that uses Bluetooth to find others nearby. Once you're near a Jam you can contribute to the playlist by voting for or adding new music. Right now music comes from Spotify, but we'll be adding more sources by the end of the month! No more switching between YouTube music videos at parties! Feedback is most welcome!
This reminds me a little of Turntable.fm (RIP) and Rockbot which I've used a couple times at Lucky Strike in SF.
Yep. Sadly, Turntable did a really poor job on mobile and you can only host on Rockbot if you're a business and it's pricy. Jam is free if you have Spotify :)
@ottosipe to make sure I have this right: you need a "host" phone hooked up to speakers (assuming AirPlay works too?), that's logged into FB and Spotify Premium, then other nearby people with the Jam app can submit/vote for songs, and it automatically organizes? Does the host have the ability to curate or override the selections?
Yes. This host phone has play/pause ability and can airplay or hook up to speakers. The host can swipe to delete and skip songs. They can also ban users who are being pesky. If the host is logged in on multiple devices the others will become remote controls in a way. They can still skip and pause but playback will happen on the original device. Helpful?