Easiest way to plan, organise and manage your child's party

Organising your child’s birthday party is not as simple as it seems! Jahwow can help you check off the first task of creating, sending and managing invitations easily. You can choose and customise invitations, add gift ideas, send invites to other parents and see who's attending.
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One very important part about becoming a parent people don’t warn you about is the sad fact that your social life on the weekend will be very quickly replaced by children’s birthday parties no one but your little one will actually want to attend! My fridge was always covered with paper invites – managing them and remembering to buy gifts for each was always a struggle. Some invites from school didn't even make it home because they were given to the kids and I found them later at the bottom of the school bag or in a car compartment. One weekend, my kids had four parties to attend and we showed up at the wrong venue! I knew there had to be a simpler way. And the idea of Jahwow was born. Free to download from the App Store and Google Play, JahWow means you don’t have to shop for paper invites and can create your own customised invitations from your phone and send out to your contacts. You can also keep track of who is attending, make note of any dietary requirements and also add other invites to your calendar so you can keep track of other parties you have been invited to.
Doesn't let me sign in with out phone verification. And not receiving OTP for phone verification. Doesn't let me login with Facebook ID either.