An always-on video room for every Slack channel.

No more copy-pasting video conference links to Slack. Jackfruit adds an always-on video room to every channel that you invite it to. Use it for meetings, or just hang out there while you work.
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Tried this and totally can see how useful it is. It got a bit boring after a while as a single founder, until I discovered I can just open multiple browser tabs to deal with this problem. Now it feels like we're a team of clones running a startup.
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@bproost It's almost like you're Bart the same person in the video named Bart that used it. I guess being you're friends with the owner one could assume you were being ironic.
Hey everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹ I got tired of sharing links to various video conferencing services in Slack, so I thought it would be interesting to attach a video hangout to a Slack channel that's always on. A video room also serves as a kind of 'water cooler' for your team. If anyone wants to co-work on video they can jump into the room at any time and ask others to join them by clicking on their faces. The bot also posts to the channel if a few peoole just joined the video. Add it to your Slack with one click: https://jackfruit.live/add-to-slack/ You can use it with public and private channels. Let me know if have any questions!
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Chat Roulette for people you want to see
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Not gonna lie, this is pretty genius! Great execution and simple to use.
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Giving me Sqwiggle vibes, @tommoor!
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@tommoor @rrhoover Sqwiggle was definitely an inspiration here. I wanted to add the ability to blur your video and/or only transmit one frame every few seconds, but I decided to launch something simple first.