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Perhaps you guys like to join a conversation here: https://www.jack.chat/j/producthunt? :-)
Reminds me of https://www.replyall.me/?ref=pro... . I think this could be useful to teachers who want to extend the discussion beyond the classroom. It is super simple to set up new threads and share the url.
@greaterthan1000 Thank you for giving us a go! You describe a perfect use case for our networks and we have a few teachers doing exactly that.
Hi guys, one of the makers here (finally I will get my small "M-badge") and thank you @dovidmehrentreu for hunting us! May I add, that the product actually is named "Talk About Jack"? :-) We had actually no clue we were being hunted and became aware while noticing a small spike in traffic :-). If I may say a few words what the idea behind this product is: We provide what we call Micro Social Networks which are basically like Slack channels (but open) you can share and easily access via the url (like a Doodle). You can create those networks on any topic you like and make them accessible both public or unpublic. If you want to engage others just post the url on Twitter or Facebook or send it around via email. Our awesome early adopters use it for a variety of topics: organising lunch breaks, enriching courses at university, local sports groups, photography networks as well as blowing off steam at Hearthstone :-) ..and many more. Features are added daily and will include notifications as well as a central platform which displays all public networks. Down the road awaits the mobile app which lets you also use it like a Whatsapp group. Furthermore there will be a site-integratable version to use it like a Disqus. This will enable live discussions on every website which basically means you can turn every website into a social network.
Hey PH! I'm the other half of the founder team and in charge of development. So if you've any tech questions just shoot in my direction.
@derkobe hey I have a question, I'd like to know what you think of our UI on our new app Dailycam? We are looking for feed back. Looking forward