Business insurance on a first name basis

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Charlie Irish
Charlie IrishHunter@charlieirish
The story of Insurance by Jack is a fascinating tale of photographer turned entrepreneur, Ashley Baxter. Ashley's personal site is http://iamashley.co.uk/ but more about her story starting up is available at https://www.easyspace.com/blog/2...
Aaran McGuire
Aaran McGuire@aaran_mcguire
@charlieirish Thats an awesome blog post.. It will be interesting to see how the site/company develops.
Ashley Baxter
Ashley BaxterMaker@iamashley · Founder, With Jack
@charlieirish Thanks for hunting this :-)
Geoffrey Weg
Geoffrey Weg@geoffreyweg · Betaworks, TechStars, White House
Nice branding. :)
Ashley Baxter
Ashley BaxterMaker@iamashley · Founder, With Jack
Thanks for the interest, guys. This is my 'MVP'—the real goal is to design the whole quoting process, but man is this a tough journey to get insurers onboard and thinking differently.
Craig Deakin
Craig Deakin@craigdeakin · Product evangelist + marketing
Wonder if @iamashley knows that this has been hunted yet? :)
Christopher Hawkins
Christopher Hawkins@chris_hawk · Creator, Chasing Product
Hey @iamashley - I'm dying to know, what prompted you to tackle insurance, of all things? Did you have a "screw this!" moment? Did it just seem obvious? Did some kind of research lead you to this? Something else?
Ashley Baxter
Ashley BaxterMaker@iamashley · Founder, With Jack
@chris_hawk Hi Christopher, thanks for the question! It wasn't much of a choice (in the beginning). My dad passed away and I inherited his property insurance business, http://brokersdirect.co.uk. After doing that for so many years, I wanted to move into a market I enjoy (business) and give that a crack. The fact insurers are so stuffy and the technology sucks has given me a purpose as I want to tackle that side of things.