Jabberwocky AAC

Communicate through text to speech by moving your head

Jabberwocky AAC is an assistive communication iOS app enabling users with limited speech to talk using only head movement.

The Jabberwocky app translates your head movement into a cursor you can use to type letters and initiate text-to-speech.

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This is some of the stuff I love to see, this can really help people and make a huge difference in someone's life!
Thanks @aaronoleary for sharing positive feedback and yes this kind of tech is truly life-changing for folks who need them the most.
@angeloe I hope you keep expanding on this tech, it can do a lot of good!
Users with any device that supports Face ID can use Jabberwocky’s head tracking feature to type completely hands-free and then use text-to-speech to talk. This works without any need for WiFi access!