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Looks cool! What's special about this app? Looks like you have some twitter and donation integration? Add to my Future of Radio collection - http://www.producthunt.com/@jfil...
@jfilcik Thanks for being the first commenter, Joe! Rumors are that early commenters on PH are bestowed with extra +ve karma :-) While we have got a lot of love for Jabbercast's simplicity & intuitive UI, the 3 super special things about the app are: 1) Enhanced Content - We convert the show notes to an interactive slideshow - so listeners can easily access guest bios, products (books, movies, etc) which are mentioned on the show etc This combination of visual & audio storytelling brings the podcast to life 2) Twitter - No more leaving the podcast app to send a nod to your favorite storytellers. Follow/Tweet/Re-Tweet from right within the app 3) Apple Pay - Via this, podcasters can sell bonus/premium content, their branded merchandise (t-shirts, mugs etc) & services (consulting sessions, workshops, event tickets etc) right from within the app. I suggest you take it for a spin. Would love to hear your feedback. Thank you again for your comment
@khararohan Love how you added the Apple Pay feature to compensate to the hard work of the content creators. Just out of curiosity, why did you choose Apple Pay instead of Stripe and any plans on moving to Stripe in-app payments in the future?
.@mrwongsteven Thanks, Steven! Yes, we wanted to build an easy way to support your favorite podcasters in the same app which you use everyday to listen to their shows -- I'm glad you like this functionality! We actually use Stripe as our processor - Apple pay makes it convenient for listeners to not enter CC details & it also tokenizes the card info before passing it to Stripe. For markets w/o apple pay, you can make a payment via credit card (powered by Stripe).
@khararohan cool. Enhanced content is a cool idea. Do you auto create it from the show notes? How do you know the timing? I've seen a couple podcasts use chapters effectively, but it doesn't seem to be widely adopted.
.@jfilcik Glad you like the content slideshow! Its editorially curated & we plan to automate it eventually. Yes, shows like This American Life do a great job of breaking down the episode into Chapters/Acts. Thanks for your interest, Joe!
Donation chunk is cool. For the people by the people vibes. Im with it.
.@99centbrains Thank you for the nod! Yes - Via the apple pay module, we open up new channels of mobile commerce like crowdfunding & empowering podcasters to sell their premium content, branded products & services. Watch out this space for more exciting updates which are coming soon
This looks neat @khararohan. I'm going to try this on my iPad. I use an Android smartphone and that's one reason why Pocket Casts works best for me. Is an Android app on your roadmap?
@amiranywhere Thank you, Amir! Yes - please play with it & let me know what you think and how we can make better for you. Android is definitely on the roadmap but unfortunately, I don't have a firm ETA for it just yet. Will keep you posted.
@khararohan Been a dream of mine to work on a Podcast app so if you need help porting to Android, hit me up.
@itsthisjustin Thanks, Justin! We're good right now & if need be, will ping you via http://jmitch.com/.
Hi @jfilcik @mrwongsteven @99centbrains @amiranywhere @itsthisjustin - For all of you podcast lovers, I have created a collection of the best episodes of the 2 of my favorite podcasters: Tim Ferriss & 99% Invisible by Roman Mars http://www.producthunt.com/@khar.... Please check it out & let me know what you think. I will be creating more of these,so absolutely let me know if you have a request for collections on specific topics!