Izzy Care

Personalized primary care, therapy, nutrition. Only $99/mo.

Izzy Care is one membership for unlimited, personalized primary care, psychotherapy, and nutrition & wellness coaching. Connect with a hand-picked team of clinicians and a personal AI assistant, Izzy. Earn tokens for meeting your own personal health & wellness goals, which you can use to pay for the cost of your membership at a discounted rate.

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Kenneth Colon
Healthcare Technologist
Hi all! Thanks so much for checking us out! The Izzy Care membership was launched back in Q2 of this year as a web app. We've since seen an immense amount of traction, on-boarding thousands in just a few short months. We're now happy to launch our mobile betas for Android and iOS, at the same introductory price of only $99/mo (or, save 20% more if you sign up for the year). Sign up for your invitation today! Any problems, questions, or concerns, feel free to hit me up at k@izzycare.org Thanks!!