Build beautiful custom image hover animations

Izmir is a mini CSS library allowing you to quickly create stylish custom image hover effects. Simply load the CSS library into your project, add the element markup combined with the style classes of your choice to custom build your perfect image hover effect.
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Why is the name 'Izmir' ?
@mugecvk @mugecvk Nothing to profound. I would love to create similar mini CSS libraries. City names seemed a limitless base for a naming convention.
Great name! You should name one of your features "gevrek"
@ecehanece Thank you Ecehan
@ecehanece Hahaha!
Open-source, and made available under the MIT License. Distribute, use as-is, or modify to your liking in personal and commercial projects.
a product with a great name and feautures ! <3 i'll give it a try in my next project
@ilknurultanir Thank you İlknur
looks sick, I'll give it a try in my next project 👌
@michele_patrassi Thank you Michele. Hope you enjoy it.