iZettle: Card Reader Lite

World's first free chip + pin card reader

Fantastic. Go Sweden!
Interesting move from iZettle, giving a card reader away for free to get more merchants on their platform. Hopefully this will be snapped up my small business and market traders who normally wouldn't think buying a card reader was worth it. Relevant fact from the Wired Article: "According to a recent prediction by Visa Europe, within ten years 95 percent of payments in the UK will be made by card".
@_jamesmundy Square give away free readers all the time I thought. Paypal as well.
@_jacksmith They both have chip + pin readers but both charge for them: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/m... https://gigaom.com/2014/11/12/sq...
@_jamesmundy sure; as they're their secondary products in the usa. but in uk, it's not that crazy a move to give away their primary product for free to capture market share imho.
@_jacksmith no a sensible tactic, just haven't seen any of the other players in the UK doing the same thing. Hopefully it works out for them.
This is brilliant - I got on for free several months ago and love it. It's never been easier to get a card reader and take credit card payment for small startups. BRILLIANT.