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#3 Product of the DayDecember 04, 2015
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This is like a curated Pinterest of random and cool things you can buy from the internet with a dash of Grand St. (cc @amandapey). For example: Big Mac Rain Coat.
@rrhoover Also reminds me a bit of Svpply/Very Goods!
There are some awesome gifts on here for the holiday season especially! Reminds me a lot of Firebox @andrewsgreig tell us more! is this available for the UK/International too?
@bentossell No plans yet for more targeted International versions, but maybe if there is demand it'll be pushed forward.
@andrewsgreig @bentossell Looking nice, how is this better than e.g. Canopy.co?
Great, another website into which I can throw my money. Here, take it all.
Shoot. Now all my friends are going to know where I source my gifts. How many cat gifs do I have to pay to unhunt something?
I was going to say this reminds me of Firebox too, @bentossell, but easier to digest. So many times have these kind of gifts saved me from yet another "turns out I don't know you that well" moment.. :) Loving the clean design! Nice one.