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Sales can be a tricky experience when starting a company. The team is small and yet it's not always easy to stay in sync with deals and leads that are in the pipe. This is something we have experienced ourselves in the past and after getting frustrated with clunky legacy SaaS we built something easy to setup and straight forward to use. Meet Ivyleads, a sales tool that lets you organize leads and help you close more deals. Let us know if you've any suggestions or feedback.
This looks nice. I'm concerned about your pricing though. Even including two users, it's quite steep compared to other straight sales pipeline tools -- Pipedrive, for instance, is $12/user. How did you arrive at $49/mo? That's also not taking into consideration CRMs, which can all manage pipe as well: Salesforce and RelateIQ both start at $25/user, Nimble is $15/user, etc. There's also always the option to just manage your pipe in Google Docs. Not saying that Ivyleads isn't worth it, but I suspect you'll find that $49/mo is a barrier to entry. "The Sequoia Guide to Pricing" by Phil Libin is a worthwhile read if you're interested, ( https://www.sequoiacap.com/grove...). You might also want to check out Mark Stiving's blog (http://pragmaticpricing.com/), as he has some solid stuff to say on the topic. Anyway, just my thoughts. And as a disclosure, I work for Salesforce, which also owns RelateIQ.
@blake thanks for the great feedback! Actually haven't seen "The Sequoia Guide to Pricing" before, will check it out. Pricing can be a tricky thing and we might switch our model to a per user per month in the future. Something we considered earlier but after conversations with our early adopters we landed at the more team focused pricing model. A lot of our customers aren't happy paying more every time they add a new team mate. Maybe what is needed though is a plan that attracts the lone wolf sales setup. 1 user at $12/month to get started. Definitely something to think about.